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Name:A Harry Potter Ageplay and Infantilism Community
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We are a community dedicated to Harry Potter fanfiction and fanart that focuses on or includes elements of ageplay or infantilism.
  1. Ageplay
    • a form of roleplay involving someone playing as an age different than their own
  2. Infantilism
    • roleplaying a regression to an infant/toddler-like state of mind
Neither of these is inherently sexual, and so both gen and pairing fanworks are welcomed here!

We would like to be very clear that this is not, in any way, a comm for or encouraging of any sexual attraction/interaction with children. Ageplay and infantilism are about adults roleplaying, and have no relation to child abuse in any way.

  1. Fic and art of all ratings and pairings/gen are welcome here!
    As such, there are to be no shipping wars or character bashing.

  2. All accompanying fetishes are allowed!
    This includes things such as daddy!kink, diaper fetishism, bdsm, and more. Our only content exception is relevant to the rule that follows:

  3. All characters portrayed in a sexual situation must be aged 18+.
    This means that there is to be absolutely no chan (meaning sexual relations between two minors, or a minor and an adult). However, underage characters are welcome in gen/non-sexual portrayals of ageplay/infantilism.

  4. Ageplay, by our standards, stops at age 14.
    This means that the little/younger/regressing partner can not regress to any age older than 14, for the purposes of this comm.

  5. Crossovers with other fandoms are allowed.
    However, we do ask that Harry Potter be the primary fandom.

  6. Reposts of other authors' work is not allowed.
    If you wish to rec a fic, please provide the header information and a link back to it on the original author's page.

Important Posts
  • Rec Masterlist can be found HERE.
  • Fic Masterlist can be found HERE.
  • Art Masterlist can be found HERE.
  • Banners for pimping the comm can be found HERE.
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