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Jul. 29th, 2013 04:42 pm
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Title: Treat
Author: [ profile] blossomdreams
Prompt: #17 Harry has never had a real daddy. Sirius is the closest thing, and he'll convince Sirius, even if he has to seduce him.
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count/Medium: 1,165
Summary: Harry spends a morning with his daddy.
Author's Notes: I want to thank the mods for letting me turn it in when family time came up and C for listening to me when this fic was giving me the blues. I’m sorry that it’s a PWP, but hopefully sometime in the future I can change things. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: Harry Potter with all its characters and settings belongs to J.K Rowling and her publishers, no money is made with this fanwork.

Sirius stretched his arms above his head on his way to the kitchen. He had plans for breakfast, but they disappeared as he watched Harry reach for the nearest mug. He walked over to Harry and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“Morning,” Sirius said and kissed his cheek.

Harry grinned; he turned around in Sirius’s arms and placed his hands on his chest. “Morning.”

“Did you sleep alright?”

“I slept pretty well. Did you sleep well, daddy?” Harry said with a sweet smile.

Sirius moaned softly as he reached down and adjusted his pajama bottoms. Harry decided to try something new the last few days. He started to call Sirius ‘daddy’ at different moments of the day. After their meal, after Harry cleaned the house, whenever he wanted to borrow one of Sirius’s shirts, and it slowly drove Sirius mad.

Sirius nodded and nuzzled his cheek. “I did.

Harry nuzzled back as he slid his hands down his chest. “You know, I’ve been thinking about something, daddy.”

Sirius swallowed. “W-What?”

“I was thinking about the ways you take care of me, daddy. You make sure I have everything, that I eat, and you protect me too. That’s what a daddy does, right?” Harry widened his eyes as he looked up at Sirius.

Sirius bit back a groan; he couldn’t resist Harry with that look. “Yeah, but I’m not--”

“You didn’t say that last night, daddy.”

Sirius thought back to the way Harry looked up at him last night. The way he straddled his waist and slid down his body as he called him daddy made a small moan leave his mouth. “I know, but--”

Harry shook his head. “I really liked last night, daddy.” He slipped his leg between Sirius’s thighs and started to rock against him.

Sirius panted as his hands slid underneath Harry’s shirt. He pressed kisses down Harry’s neck and pulled the shirt over his head. Harry moaned and pressed against Sirius. “I was a good boy last night, but I didn’t get my treat. Can I get it today, daddy?”

Sirius worked hard to keep it together, but he could only take so much. He pulled Harry close and drew him in for a deep kiss. He backed Harry over to the table and helped him on the surface. Sirius pulled back with a smile. “Yeah, you can. I didn’t know a sixth-year still wanted treats from daddy.”

Harry moaned as he arched against him. “I-I do! Doesn’t matter what year I’m in, I’ll always want you, daddy.”

Sirius groaned as he made quick work of his clothes.

He could always get breakfast started later.


Sirius moaned as he slid his fingers through Harry’s messy black hair. Harry’s tongue rolled over the leaking head of his cock before dipping in the silt. Sirius gave a low moan and resisted the urge to buck into the warm mouth around his cock.

Sirius let out a loud moan as he gently tugged on Harry’s hair. “Ahh…so good.”

Harry slipped off Sirius with a soft pop as he licked his lips. “Does daddy like the way I lick his cock?”

Sirius groaned with a nod. “Yes he does. You’re so good at this.”

Harry smiled, moaning softly. He leaned forward, licking Sirius’ leaking head again. “Will daddy let me have my treat if I do a good job?”

Sirius panted lightly as he cupped Harry’s cheek. “Don’t you want daddy to fill you?”

Harry moaned, nuzzling Sirius’s thigh. “Daddy doesn’t want me to taste him anymore?” He leaned forward, licking a line up Sirius’s cock. Sirius moaned and threaded his fingers through Harry’s hair slowly. “Will you swallow it all? Not waste a drop?”

Harry nodded. “I could never waste my treat, daddy.”

Sirius moaned and tugged on Harry’s hair again when Harry started his ministrations again. “Ahh, ahh yes…”

Harry moaned, hollowing his cheeks to suck harder. Sirius lost all coherent thought when Harry hollowed his cheek. Sirius gasped and bucked into Harry’s mouth. Harry gripped his hips; he slacked his jaw and took deep breaths through his nose. Sirius panted harder his hand squeezed the arm of the chair as the knot in his stomach tightened. He looked down at Harry, watching his cock disappear between Harry’s pink lips pushed him over the edge. Sirius spilled down Harry’s throat with a loud moan.

“Merlin, that was amazing,” he panted.

Harry swallowed as a dribble of come rolled down his chin. He pulled back and licked his lips. Sirius wanted to keep the image in his mind for a long time.

“I really liked my treat, daddy.” Harry licked his lips.

“Did you, baby?” Sirius smiled and helped Harry into his lap. He licked the side of his neck, loving the way Harry writhed against him.

Harry gasped. “I-I did.”

Sirius hummed as his hand moved down Harry’s chest to his lap. “I should help my good boy.”

Harry shook his head. “I can do it, daddy.” He moved his hand down when Sirius stopped him. “I want to help my good boy. Can’t I help my good boy?” He kissed down Harry’s neck as his hand wrapped around his cock. Harry gripped his shoulder and rocked into Sirius’s hand. “S-Sirius…”

Sirius pressed a light kiss against his lips. “You’re so close, aren’t you?”

“Y-Yes!” Harry gasped as Sirius lightly squeezed his cock.

Sirius gently bit his bottom lip. “It’s alright to let go, my good boy.”

Harry panted harder as his hand slid into Sirius’s hair. “I’ll get all dirty, d-daddy.”

“It’s fine, daddy will just clean you up,” Sirius breathed in Harry’s ear before he nibbled on the lobe and twisted his hand.

Harry shuddered against him with a loud moan. He rode out his orgasm before he fell against Sirius’s chest as he caught his breath. Sirius chuckled and pulled back his hand. “I see you were really worked up.”

Harry smiled up at him. “I couldn’t help it. I meant to ask you what tea you wanted, but that changed when I saw this.” He trailed his fingers over the bite marks along Sirius’s neck.

Sirius hummed softly as he cleaned his fingers. “Well, I’m all for a change in plans.”

Harry laughed and placed a quick kiss on Sirius’s lips. Sirius grinned against Harry’s lips; he pulled him closer as he deepened the kiss. He groaned at the way Harry’s tongue eagerly met his own. Harry broke the kiss and straddled his lap. He pressed his forehead against Sirius’s and rested his hands on his shoulders.

“Thanks for playing with me,” he said softly.

Sirius brushed their lips together. “It’s not a problem. I really enjoy it.”

Harry brushed back and leaned towards Sirius’s ear. “Can we play all day, then, daddy?”

Sirius smirked as he tightened his hold around Harry’s waist. “Yes, we can.” He kissed him and Apparated them to their room. He played with Harry all day and well into the night.
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